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                Fuyang Kanghua Pharmaceutical Machinery Co.,Ltd. (formerly: Hangzhou Fuyang Kanghua Machinery Factory) was established in 2001, is set production research and the integration of Chinese herbal medicines and Pieces pre-treatment processing equipment manufacturing enterprises. Companies adhering to the basis of product quality, customer service-oriented, research and innovation for the purpose of stamina, while rapid development of enterprises, and strive to build a new R & D center to develop a modern, innovative equipment for the task to ensure that products remain the industry's advanced ranks , the company has owned 23 patents, is the national innovation project support units, Hangzhou Eagles program units.

                  2011 invested 30 million yuan  to create a new Bozhou Kanghua Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. in Bozhou,  in early 2012 formally put into production. Bozhou Kanghua inherit Fuyang Kanghua customer-God, to quality of survival of the concept, according to borrow more than 10,000 square meters of modern plant and advanced CNC production line, using Fuyang Kanghua advanced technology, the scale production, in line with GMP certification can provide modern equipment suitable for the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural processing and other industries, more than 3,000 Taiwan (sets), to meet the needs of domestic and foreign enterprises. Strong technical force, modern standard workshops, advanced production technology.

                  Fuyang Kanghua Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. to create more than a decade, has become China's major production base of Chinese pre-treatment equipment, able to independently produce more than thirty varieties, more than 60 standard models of Chinese medicine processing equipment, Our products are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, agricultural and sideline products processing, annual output of more than 1,000 Taiwan (sets), more than 1,300 users across the country 32 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, and exported to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam India, Malaysia, Russia, the United States, France, Chile, South Africa and other regions and countries; Panzhihua Li Xin Pharmaceutical, Guizhou magic Group, Henan Light Group, Lei Yun Shang Pharmaceutical, Guilin Sanjin, Tsumura Shenzhen, Guangzhou, one Pharmaceutical, Yunnan Baiyao Group, Kyushu Medical Group, Yunnan East Financial Dianxi medicines Logistics Management Co., Lanzhou Foci, Beijing Tongrentang, Hangzhou Hu Qing Yu Tang, Tianjin Tasly, Jiangxi Hui Ren, Lizhu Group, Harbin Pharmaceutical Group, Chinese Herbal Medicine Kangqiao Shanghai, Shenzhen Heshun Hall and other famous enterprises are using my company's equipment. The company has more than 3000 square meters of standard production plant, complete gold processing plant, sheet metal shop, welding shop, assembly equipment and experienced production workers, equipped with modern office facilities. Enterprises always attached importance to scientific and technological progress, there is a strong research and development team, focusing on new product development, so there are two or three new products to market each year. Enterprise has been rated as Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou, "high-tech enterprise", "Zhejiang SME", "Hangzhou Hi-tech Enterprise" and "Fuyang City, patent model enterprise" and so on. 2008 passed the ISO9001 quality system certification.

                  Set up an office within the enterprise, finance, production, quality control, research and development centers, information, marketing, supply and other departments to ensure the orderly conduct of production, quality, sales and other business activities. In order to ensure the needs of users to produce, where to buy our equipment, have signed a pre-service undertaking, in equipment installation, technical training, equipment inspection, equipment warranty, spare parts and related technical support, (that is, the user design process, according to the plant characteristics and requirements of customers design and manufacture of a specific device) and other aspects of detailed commitments, in the form of payment, in order to show good faith, the company gave customers a certain proportion of the margin left in the year. For this reason, companies received praise and trust of users. In order to support the implementation of Chinese machinery industry, technological progress and mechanization of Chinese Herbal Medicine, to contribute to standardization, the company organized a certain technology, research and development of advanced, high automation, energy saving, emission reduction, low carbon, practical equipment into the market, to further meet the domestic and foreign markets and the majority of users.



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